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The colorful word of Pablo Echaurren

The core concept of this exhibition dedicated to Pablo Echaurren is represented by political commitment that characterizes his research.

Painter just at 18 years, he obtains a recognition by Arturo Schwarz who was the "patron" of the Dada-Surrealism, but in 1977 he decided to abandon his profession and to dive into the complex and tense social climate of the time. In the idea of overcoming the art to dedicate himself to creative life, Echaurren finds nourishment for his humorous and satirical pages and for its future processing pictorial.

The exhibition presents over 200 works - paintings, drawings and collages- from '70's to today and also presents a documented selection about the suspension of his carrier. It deals with a thematic exhibition that want highlight the important aspect of Echaurren's art and his contribution to the contemporary thinking.

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