Exhibitions, Italian comics. Fifty years of drawn novels

Forty graphic novels written and drawn on approximately 300 original drawings

The exhibition tells this story with an overview that begins in 1967, when the masterpiece by Hugo Pratt, titled "The Ballad of the Salt Sea", starring a charming sailor named Corto Maltese, was released and continues in the following decades with other extraordinary works such as "Le Straordinarie avventure di Pentothal " by Andrea Pazienza, "Fuochi" by Lorenzo Mattotti, "Max Fridman" by Vittorio Giardino, "Cinquemila chilometri al secondo," Manuele Fior, "Dimentica il mio nome" of Zerocalcare. The exhibition presents about three hundred original drawings, arranged in chronological order and for the first time side by side, of comic novels written and drawn by a single author.

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