Exhibitions, Domus Romane of Palazzo Valentini

An unforgettable travel across time. Permanent exhibition

This exhibition is the result of an operation of requalification, research and transformation into a museum
The work has been carried out recently according to a project curated by art historians, archaeologists and architects, all members of the Provincial Administration. It reached results of exceptional importance due to the importance of this area during Roan times and becouse the discoveries allows to reconstruct an important part of ancient and medieval  topography of Rome.

The visitor will see rebuilt walls, rooms, peristyles, spas, salons, decorations, kitchens, furniture, living a virtual tour into a great Domus of the ancient Rome.
A large scale model of the area in Roman times and of the various stages of Palazzo Valentini completes the visit, allowing the visitor to place himself within the urban context through its many historical layers.

An example of how the unique and precious artistic heritage of antiquity, returned by careful and rigorous restoration work, can be enhanced through the use of new technologies.

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