Exhibitions, Arturo Zavattini photographer. Travel and cinema 1950 - 1960

Retrospective exhibition of photographs by Arturo Zavattini

The exhibition shows more than 170 large-format and mostly unpublished photographs, illustrating the intense photographic work made by Arturo Zavattini between 1950 and 1960, a crucial decade in the history of the twentieth century.
A homogenous core inside the exhibition consists of images taken in Tricarico in June 1952, as part of the famous ethnographic expedition in Lucania of Ernesto De Martino. These images have been granted by the Scotellaro Documentation Centre. There are also images taken in Rome, Naples and other Italian cities and places, all documenting social life in the streets, and in particular the condition of children. The reportage made in 1956 by Zavattini in Bangkok, Phetchaburi and northern Thailand is shown here for the first time; these pictures were taken during the filming of the movie " The Sea Wall " by René Clément, based on the novel of Marguerite Duras: the photographs are rare images of those places at that time.
Arturo Zavattini is not only known as a cameraman and director of photography of many major films, not only Italian, but also as an ethnographic photographer for having accompanied Ernesto de Martino, in his expedition in Lucania in 1952. He continued practicing photography for many year and producing a large number of images. His photographic culture increased due to the contact with the Italian Neo-realism and the American Realism (he met Paul Strand during the realization of the famous photo book "A Country"). Arturo Zavattini was able to tie aspects of cinematography and photography, with curiosity, wit, critical spirit.
Zavattini, precious memory of his time, in the last years searched for images and put order in his archives so that now is possible to realize a comprehensive exhibition about him, covering a decade (1950-1960) of great interest in the history of Photography and of our Country.

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