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The first exibithion of the works by Sicioldr in Rome.

Nero Gallery is proud to invite you to the first exibithion of Sicioldr in Rome.
Sicioldr, a young artist from Tuscany, makes us explore an imaginary world full of secrets and myths through his works .
His dreams and visions skim darkness and prohibited sensuality, overcoming the darkness.
The characteristics of painters like Jan Van Eyck and Rembrandt can be found in Sicioldr's relaxing and elegant paintings. The faces and gestures of his subjects embody the Flemish and the realism of Twenty Century.
This sublime dimension overlaps surreal and fairytale elements which emerge from the backgrounds and landscapes, thus placing his characters in a timeless period.
The technique that Sicioldr uses for its painting is called "delle velature".It is an ancient technique, for which several layers of color are painted one above the other recreating the material and realistic colors. There are also the sketches that show the artist's creative process.
His symbolist characters are timeless and have no spatial connotation, they dwell in distant atmospheres similar to the Odilon Redon ones. Their faces -always without eyebrows- have a disturbing look and a profound dichotomy between familiarity and mystery.
For the occasion, the gallery turns into an artist's atelier, a damned and enchanting microcosm where art originated and is created.

Curated by Giulia Capogna and Daphnée Thibaud

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