Exhibitions, Istanbul. Passion, joy and fury

A big project on istanbul's creative scene

The passion for creativity, the joy that emerges for the realization of the objectives,the fury of critics.

It is continuing the travel towards the culture realities of the Mediterranean between relations with Middle East and Europe. After the exhibition UNEDITED HISTORY about contemporary Iranian art, the MAXXI Museum arrives to Istanbul.
It is a travel around a works and new creations, with detailed studies and testimonials of the artists.

Istanbul: passion, joy and fury addresses the changes and the cultural necessity of Turkey, in particular the Istanbul city that is the bridge between East and West.

The exhibition explains five important themes about the contemporary : urban transformations, politics conflicts , the culture identity, the innovative models of production, the geopolitics problems and the hope.

Edited by Hou Hanru withCeren Erdem, Elena Motisi e Donatella Saroli

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