Exhibitions, Elective Affinities. From de Chirico to Burri.

Works of the Modern Art Gallery and of the Fondazione Magnani Rocca

The exhibition aims at introducing to the Roman public some masterpieces of the Magnani Rocca's collection from Parma, underlying the values and the cultural prestige that during the xxth century marked Magnani as an illuminated patron of art. He lived for many years in Rome. He is portraited in an illustrated documentary as part of the the exhibition.
The masterpieces of Magnani's collection find their extraordinary similarities with those of the Roman ones, which thanks to the great buying period which characterized the first part of the twentyfirst century, during the most important ltalian celebrations, from the Quadriennale, continuosly documents the trends of the italian post- risorgimental arts and from the first part of the last century, focuses on the period between the two wars.

To Giorgio De Chirico's work of art, "L'enigma della partenza", one of Magnani's collection pearls, there is a comparison between some works of art of the Roman collection which from the methapysical speculation suggests the formal returns; Filippo De Pisis and Giorgio Morandi's stiil lives are the core of Magnani's collection. Luigi Magnani was a great collectionist. His masterpieces, side by side with with many other works of art of the Roman collection, characterized during the same years, the formal research on the following subject; "the object on the surface". From Marino Marini to Giacomo Manzù, from Ettore Colla to Leoncillo, from Gino Severini to Alberto Savinio, just to mention some artists of the about hundred works of art on display.

The exhibition is characterized by many works of art coming from Macro-Roma and the Casa Museo Alberto Moravia, and ends with some graphic works dedicated to Giorgio Morandi's etchings. It is enriched by by many musical suggestions.

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